Monday 19 March 2012

News and Updates

Wow, I haven't wrote anything on blogger and post anything in pixiv and DA for ages, if you wonder why that's because......I travel to the future, defeated few giant robot and got sent to the past and killed few dragons, found  the lost ring of justice, had few friends (died during boss) battle against the evil mind and comes back...

Ok I start to feel lame about this joke so I would stop here.

But! I do have some hardware upgrades since my last post, that is....

This baby in the photo, DTF-720, 17" LCD with pen pressure sensitive of 512 by wacom, was on market for 1.5k but bought off from grayonline for just 171 dollar~ (not for my self though)

Although this does look like a great cintiq replacement, It's decent but isn't good enough.... ah well can't ask too much for 171 isn't it XD

and then I Hi-Jacked 2 flex pen nibs off some friend so now the pen won't be that slippery~ YAY YAY

On the drawing side, there's few things I completed, but I still need to ask for permission to upload those pictures, one of them are CD cases for Kamicon

For more detail go to

*I didn't do the cover design...

I also drew a guest art for a chinese doujin group, and a image of touhou for something that I can't tell now~

Meh that's all for now, will update next time~

Oh and if anybody have a cheap 2nd hand cintiq please sell it to me~~~

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