Friday 14 August 2015

Sold out on Comiket!!!

Hurray~ 超弩級艦隊調理バトル ドイツの味! is Sold out on c88.

Thanks Alan and Andy for help minding the table, I failed to apply for visa on time OTL.

And Thanks ACL_myon for translating, the book is not possible without you. XD

... sorry for not printing enough books to sell, I will apply for C89 this year, hopefully I can get a table and reprint the book。

This is my first attempt on Doujin Manga, it's miles away from my comfort zone, and I have learnt a lot of new skills during the production. Overall a great experience, however there's still a lot to learn, I hope stepping into different field will improve my illustration skills overall as well~

Lastly Thanks コミプリ for printing the book, the handling and printing quality is great.

Everybody お疲れ様でした~

Now what should I do for C89 lol