Tuesday 27 March 2012

New Cintiq Roar Roar!!!

Bought a Cintiq 21UX first generation on ebay for $790!!!

Roar finally my dream come true~~~ *tears

even though it's not the 2nd generation with 2048 pressure sensitive, still XD ~~~~~

On a side note, even though it's just 21" but it's actually bigger than my 24" monitor (it have wider width hence bigger area)

Although there's little problem on the screen.

a 1 x1.5cm weird looking line *although the seller says it's a died pixel but I doubt what it really is...

As you can see from the image, it's not really noticeable unless you trying to find it, so I guess it won't cause any trouble to my work.

Since I got a intuos 3 already, I can pretty much sure the pen on tablet and cintiq, although there's pretty much no point of using the intuos anymore. But I do want to get a replacement of a classic pen instead, since the grip pen was too thick and long to use comfortably. (but the price I see so far are rather expensive...)

Going to go to one of the Wacom store next door to hunt down a SmudgeGuard and possibly a cheap Classic pen for intuos 3.

Also I'm selling my Intuos 3 A5 extra wide now, please email me with a reasonable offer price if you are interested~

PS: don't you find this little nib with spring cute? XD

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