Friday 12 June 2015

Accepted for C88!!!

This is Nyachou again, I am attending summer Comiket in Tokyo 2015 this time under my own circle name Clover Workshop. I will be appearing in the first day of the event, hall east and table number G12b.

This will be the first time attending Comiket on my own and I just finished story board lol, I haven't plan out everything yet. The Visa, the printing, the ticket and accommodation and plus the book it self (;*△*;), with a time spam of less than 2 month to deal with everything plus work (stress stress stress). Well I'm still glad getting in, I will try my best to get that book on the table~

The book will be Kancolle related cooking Doujin manga with bit of service in it O w O.

Here's the circle cut

And circle link