Tuesday 18 February 2014

New Touhou Card game 决死之梦·复苏之风

This is a remake of 决死之梦 card game from Chinese Artist Group 绯色永恒

I joined the project last year and It's a pleasure to work with so many good Artist XD (I was doing a Sakuya character card and "The world" spell card XD)

Here's the promotional video of the card game

Apparently there's 151 cards in total, including character card, spell card and event/battle field cards, and every single card was drawn in very detailed quality.

However I guess you still need to read Chinese in order to know how to play the game XD

This is the Taobao Link for people who would like to order the card set

The new Pokemon Artbook by Ad.nap should be coming out soon as well