Saturday 23 October 2010

New live stream channel

Now you can watch me drawling on LIVE
in this channel.
but only when I switch it on though, but good thing is each event have been recorded as video to view. XD
Watch live streaming video from clws at

Friday 22 October 2010

ah it didn't place

Mascot entry for a contest, sadly it didn't place. Ah well with some modification on the colour at least I can use this character for my self, I likes it after all XD.
*logo taken off to avoid copy right issue.
somehow the colouring of this character fits the fried rice pretty nicely for some reason
mascot2 small
and some other random stuff...
cbq small


Damn the commission taken way too long and I'm running out of inspiration on drawing (or not enough concentration?)
Anyways...Thank god I'm relatively free now. Yahoo~ and thanks my long lost sister who gave me a perfect camera for taking sneak photo (it's so small and it doesn't make sound...)
but since I have nothing better to test on the camera, Ima just throw a random photo of my fried rice then...
anyways back to guest art.....