Friday 7 March 2014

Pokemon 19th Anniversary Artbook by AD.NAP

Jan 2014 Project, to celebrate the release of Pokemon X/Y and well as Pokemon's 19th Anniversary, Chinese Doujin Group AD.Nap gathered a group of Artist and Produced an Artbook "Super Effective", the book have been released recently.

The Artbook is going to be full color 34 pages includes Artwork covering all 6 generation of pokemon series. I am Luckily to be chosen to do the 2nd generation which is Pokemon Gold/Silver, please support my work by buying the book from following image

<==click the image

AD.Nap is well known for it's good promotional Video, and here's the video XD

There will be more projects from AD.Nap in 2014(sorry no spoiler xD), however I probably won't have time to join those projects.