Wednesday 31 August 2011

Touhou Carot card online order now!!!

Each set includes 1 Artbook and 1 Set of Tarot cards including minor
Only less than 100 copies left and each set cost around 50 excluding postage.
please mail your order to

Saturday 27 August 2011


Guest ART for Fumaru 's Maid artbook. The Art-book will be sold in Manifest(which is today) and Animania. On-line order will probably be available too~ めえ~

Thursday 25 August 2011


Current have to draw list
Serious Doujin - Chinese doujin group:
4 x Aria the Scarlet Ammo due before end of year
Alice Overture - Australia doujin group:
Maid guest art for fumaru's artbook(DONE)
Charlotte infinite stratos Dakimakura due end of August
Commission (already paid):
2 Character + background Due on early september
Personal Commission is open! Willing to take bishojo style sketch, or full colour commission starting from 30 Australian dollar each.
Price range(all images are either A4 or B5 under 300 dpi standard)
BW Sketch 30 dollar each + 10 dollar background. 10 dollar for extra character.
Coloured CG 80 dollar each + 20 dollar background. 20 dollar for extra character.
Copy right of the image $100(for commercial use)
Does not take any chibi or line art commission sorry.
Payment method
paypal or bank deposite, for colour cg work please pay before the job start. Thank you.
Please email to if you are interested, Thank you.