Tuesday 27 March 2012

New Cintiq Roar Roar!!!

Bought a Cintiq 21UX first generation on ebay for $790!!!

Roar finally my dream come true~~~ *tears

even though it's not the 2nd generation with 2048 pressure sensitive, still XD ~~~~~

On a side note, even though it's just 21" but it's actually bigger than my 24" monitor (it have wider width hence bigger area)

Although there's little problem on the screen.

a 1 x1.5cm weird looking line *although the seller says it's a died pixel but I doubt what it really is...

As you can see from the image, it's not really noticeable unless you trying to find it, so I guess it won't cause any trouble to my work.

Since I got a intuos 3 already, I can pretty much sure the pen on tablet and cintiq, although there's pretty much no point of using the intuos anymore. But I do want to get a replacement of a classic pen instead, since the grip pen was too thick and long to use comfortably. (but the price I see so far are rather expensive...)

Going to go to one of the Wacom store next door to hunt down a SmudgeGuard and possibly a cheap Classic pen for intuos 3.

Also I'm selling my Intuos 3 A5 extra wide now, please email me with a reasonable offer price if you are interested~

PS: don't you find this little nib with spring cute? XD

Monday 26 March 2012

Mini animania 2012 report

2 days after mini animania I finally felt like writing a report for this, but before everything congratulation to E's cosplay skit being the number of the skit group...(although there was only 3 but the quality and competition was rather high) - I laughed at the certificate and rewards btw.

As for minianimania, there wasn't much happening just like other minis except there was more touhou cosplays...well a few but is increasing. Still the old peoples from Artist tables, and few old ones doesn't come back anymore after last year's rip off.(mostly the bootleg issue and the price of tables). The bootleg shops still selling great xD just like any other years, they even have their own dakimakura now(of course having their image ripped off net and print at some cheapy place with bad material) ....even though not as big and good quality as ours.

Come to think of it, there's even a Vocaloid shop next to us selling postcard with images that was obviously wasn't drawn by them....what happened to animania?  O A O

The best part was I actually did mind the table for a while this time.(wasn't chasing around doing random things like last year). Thanks for everyone who bought my dakimakura and artbooks~~~~ The Black rock shooter tribute didn't sell well though... (stare at someone who was responsible for this), but was enough for mini I guess.

But yea...nothing was really exciting about animania except e win her first reward....

Now throw away mini...just bought a Cintiq 21UX first gen for 790 plus postage yay yay! going to be delivered tomorrow or day after, got look forwards to that. Will write a review after I get it...anyways that's it for now.

And yes the list for my personal artbook now, but I not going to share it now O w O.


Wednesday 21 March 2012

DTF practise and review

Still planning on my Personal Illustration artbook which would be published for winter comiket....hmmmmm...any suggestions?

and some practice I done today after finally fixed my DTF-720 to the lap top cooler properly *it refuse to stick with the lap top cooler and keep breaking any seal that I made to bind them together with sticky tape.

you can see died sticky tapes everywhere XD

and here's the image

MADOKA!!!! - I finally drew something madoka related *tears....oh wait, I think I done a QB before...ah well....

the image was done purely with DTF 720... *the sketching stage was great, I almost feel the same sensation as when light yagami write his death note.

however...after I drew this half way...I found the pose to be pretty familiar(eg, when a lame love animation with main char crash with our female girl lead).... meh ignore that~

Now about the DTF-720 or other might call PL - 720. Regardless it's pretty much the same thing, You can look at it as a cintiq with only 512 pressure sensitive and less function key(although is actually is lots of key on the product it self I just couldn't found a proper driver for it OTL)

When I bought the product, the VGA line, USB line and stand was missing, luckily I have old replacement for lines, and a laptop cooler act as stand(although it took me ages to bind them together - the monitor was too heavy for the laptop cooler so I need to use sticky tape to strengthen  the holder, and prevent the monitor to slip down) on the bright-side, it provides extra cooling....not sure if it was needed though XD

now about pressure sensitive, I know 512 is rather small number compare to the current 2048 standard but it's enough for the job, but it doesn't mean the extra pressure sensitive a proper cintiq offer is completely waste. I do actually find my intuos 3 have much smoother line than this LCD input device. However this isn't the main issue with this device, as for Artist the biggest issue could be - the colour. When I was doing my last project, I have to keep compare the colour of image of two monitor to get the colour right, and It confuse you sometimes(it's mentally stressing to find white colour in your image looks yellow). But then again 171 for a lcd plus tablet...it worth way more the cost. (but as for original price, which is 1500AUD is completely rip off)

So in the end I would still hunt down a 2nd hand cintiq if I could... hopefully soon....

Monday 19 March 2012

News and Updates

Wow, I haven't wrote anything on blogger and post anything in pixiv and DA for ages, if you wonder why that's because......I travel to the future, defeated few giant robot and got sent to the past and killed few dragons, found  the lost ring of justice, had few friends (died during boss) battle against the evil mind and comes back...

Ok I start to feel lame about this joke so I would stop here.

But! I do have some hardware upgrades since my last post, that is....

This baby in the photo, DTF-720, 17" LCD with pen pressure sensitive of 512 by wacom, was on market for 1.5k but bought off from grayonline for just 171 dollar~ (not for my self though)

Although this does look like a great cintiq replacement, It's decent but isn't good enough.... ah well can't ask too much for 171 isn't it XD

and then I Hi-Jacked 2 flex pen nibs off some friend so now the pen won't be that slippery~ YAY YAY

On the drawing side, there's few things I completed, but I still need to ask for permission to upload those pictures, one of them are CD cases for Kamicon

For more detail go to http://www.kamicon.net/dvd.php

*I didn't do the cover design...

I also drew a guest art for a chinese doujin group, and a image of touhou for something that I can't tell now~

Meh that's all for now, will update next time~

Oh and if anybody have a cheap 2nd hand cintiq please sell it to me~~~