Wednesday 11 September 2013

Computer upgrades

Added a 2nd hand i7 2600 a month ago and a cooler master 212 EVO

And then over clocked the system to 4.1 GHZ. I know 2600 isn't really a good platform for overclocking but meh, getting extra juice out of it is always good, not to mention I never gonna use it for constant heavy load anyways.

Although 4th generation of intel's "I" series is out, but I doubt I actually need any upgrade higher than my current gear. Not to mention that I need to replace the motherboard too. (extra $100 wasted).

The system is pretty stable after 1 month of running and temperature rarely goes higher than 50(which is possibly the lowest temp for stock cooler) But the giant cooler is too big for the case, now I can't close it properly LOL.

Now I probably need to replace the power supply to a proper brand one, but meh...


Practice drawing before doing the R18 Card game thing....

hmmm doesn't look like the character lol

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Panda's Saki book

Some old image done for panda's saki book

The book it self is on sale in China but they are not planning to sell it in other countries.

Here's the PV link for the actual book

Sunday 1 September 2013

More random drawing

More practice...saw someone wearing something similar to this wonder on the street - Although can't be see in the picture, but the headphone is actually those colorful funky headphone(probably made by Aerial 7), compared to the more oldish brown jacket and dark blue jeans, it created somewhat strong impression with the strong contrast. O w O Can't remember what she was wearing exactly though..cos I went onto 6 hour shift right after lol~

Drawing stuffs like this are pretty fun for me, maybe I should start taking reference photos and add backgrounds to these too.

However, I'm not really a fan of this kind of clothing in real life - give her a cap sideway and we can call that "SWAG"...but putting them on 2D characters does give these style a different feel...(hard to explain)

On a side note I'm finding those Adidas shoes are pretty suitable for this kind of character... maybe I should start a fan-book for Adidas shoes instead LOL