Saturday 4 February 2012

Daily Deviantion and commission update

Woke up today with blurry eyes after drawing til 5 am yesterday, checked Blog, email, twitter and everything and realised I have unusual increase on Pageviews of DeviantART, and I realised why...It's Daily Deviantion!!!

Yay Yay

2nd one after my first which was reimu last year, I never thought I would be one for this year as well O w O, regardless I'm happy to see favs and comments and well as increase on blog view and DA XD. Thank you everybody.

As for the commission update, as suggested by Hatsune-Mika I will be lower my commission of sketch to 12 dollar.

Please note it's all in Australian dollars so don't get them wrong XD

as for contacting method try use the CONTACT ME button on my Blog please.(Just got it up recently and tested)

and overall

Thanks for the DD again~~~~

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