Monday 20 January 2014

Unboxing C84 items

Thanks wind for inviting me for Comiket, All items were received.

The Printing Quality of those books are great xD especially the badges, and drawing from Asagi's cute too.

I tried to read the light novel but sadly can't understand a word at all~

There's 2 types of folders from Asagi and I each, A gift doujin book from other famous Hisuitei A a light novel written by 黑夜 式 Artwork done by Asagi and I. A joint B/W Artbook and 2 types of badges XD

Thanks a lot for EMS and delivery and special Thanks to Kenshi being the translator and the middle person between the whole thing, without you this whole package isn't possible.

^^^^^^so many stuffs!!!^^^^

vvvv roar badges vvvvvv

Although I probably won't have time for Comiket this year(will see), but I will defiantly improve my skill during this year and try again when I'm free. Again Thanks wind and Asagi for all the supports, and hope to work with you again in the future.

2014 Updates and Current works

SO....Happy NEW YEAR~~~~

I happened to had lots of life problem since end of last year and still having those problems XD
But everything's working fine for me so far, and I got a feeling that everything will eventually get solved.

New Goal for 2014, become more successful in my career and improve my personal value!(duh?) Starting off by booking my driver Knowledge test on 31st of Jan, which happen to be the Chinese new year。 Apparently the test is actually harder than I thought due to the fact you can't get any question wrong except general knowledge...What if I clicked on the wrong option O A O"

Since last year, I'm taking constant mobile game card commission from 2 different companies, one is called "To the World"  and "Whomr". So, I don't really have much time doing own drawings or taking personal commission for fun right now OTL. Worst of all I can't really upload any working progress files as it would break the contract。And my blog just seem empty at the moment.

Ah well, I'm still joining friend's artbook, so there's still some images I can upload once a while at least~

As for drawing quality, I'm still trying to improve on the quality of my work and speed, I am not to the point that I can balance between quality and speed right now since both of those stats are lacking. I will try to improve within the year and work harder to reach my goal. Thanks god that there's a clear path for me to walk in now and I will see where I can reach in the end. There's some big problem with my coloring and choice of color. Apparently I'm still at the beginner level of coloring and yet to master any advanced skill nor experience such as drawing proper clothing texture and folds, doing them effectively without adding unnecessary steps and lines which in the end gonna make the whole image looks dirty, amateur and waste a lot of time.

Anyways that's all the serious talk, There would be a new book from Alice Overture this year (we finally got our money back after all those over-printing issue XD), and Panda from Adnap gonna make 3 books this year, the first one is gonna be pokemon themed, and release early this year. I happen to draw the Gold/Silver part of the book(yay, I get to draw Gold vs Red again~), once the book is released I will let you guys know.


And here's some work in progress

That's it and wish me luck with the driver knowledge test~