Tuesday 3 April 2012

Anime BBQ event!!!

On Saturday which is 1st of April(nice date), there was an anime themed BBQ happening hosted by an anime store called   Anime @ Abbotsford

The Location is at 318 Great North Road, Abbotsford, Sydney. Where an anime figuring store opened at middle of no where... (well no offence but it is xD)

The BBQ was for free and there's hips of cosplays and candies, I guess that was enough reason for any anime lover to go over, especially for someone like me who can't afford sausages recently.

I have to say, the whole place was packed! Fully packed! Imagine in a normal single house with decent size backyard packed with hips of people in weird custom grabbing sausages. Actually I got a photo for you if your imagination failed.

There was cosplay, people singing,  free sausage, free chips, free candies, camera flashes, figuring shops and even cosplay competition just like any anime convention. Oh and convention doesn't have free foods and instead of normal figuring they have bootleg.

                                      Free Chips!!! =====>

<==== Free Sausages!!!

As for figuring wise, their price are little more expensive however consider the postage and everything it's still reasonable. Also, they have variety of figurings to choose from so I guess that's a big plus for someone who wants to do some treasure hunting outside of your house.(I mean instead of hooking to your computer and waiting for an out of stock item to resell) Btw, The shop owner there is very really friendly, so make sure you give him a hug~

360 view of the backyard, where cosplay competition take place, there were prizes but then again since I'm not in custom so I didn't care XD <===too busy grabbing sausages.

The event happen once every few month or so, during a public holiday or any "fun" dates for example Halloween. So make sure you keep on track and don't miss out the event next time.

Anyways, my reports done, back to my drawing.

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