Friday 3 February 2012

Updates on drawing and Internet issue

Sorry guys I haven't posted any drawing on pixiv and DeviantART so far for months already, it's pretty much due to the nature of my later commission that I can't really post them until they serve it's purpose XD *It would be rather pointless if you can view the image on my site before it even get to finish it's job don't you think~

Life wise like I said in my later post, I'm really really runnning low on money O A O, bank reached -18 dollars. Virgin mobile just gave me a bill of 600 bucks, yep 600 bucks for 300mb excess data no joke! - Even though I totally not going to let the money goes in due to their fault of not stating on the data purchase clearly.

I haven't had internet access for a month already if you didn't notice, was due to the fact while I register on TPG, after 6-7 days of installation they said there's not enough ADSL port at my place for them to complete installation. Ok now here's where the problem comes, I goes to iiNET, my original ISP for this unit, applied for a nice NAKED DSL 200gb + 200gb on and off peak plan, they did all the register for me using old exist account - the account that previously owned by a room-mate who moved away early this year. Everything went smooth except I didn't realise they totally didn't change the account owner detail when I ask them to.

Ok that wasn't a major problem until they finish the installation, I contacted them, wasted some mobile credit and problem solved and here comes the bigger problem, they told me the installation was completed, yep completed, and so I happily connected my router to internet, expected it to work. and well it didn't... So, I wasted more of my mobile credit try to trouble shoot the issue with my ISP and nothing seem to be working. So then I inserted a phone randomly into the socket and before my next point remember I asked for a Naked DSL, ok this is what happened.


Ok so for people who doesn't know, naked dsl not supposed to have ringtone due to the fact it doesn't come with phone service and any typical phone related service should be disabled on the line, in other words there's not supposed to have ring tone!!!

So I quickly called iiNet, I got to say their customer service is rather great except for one person who I contacted earlier during middle of installation where he just couldn't figure out what I'm saying, I mean come on he need me to spell out my username letter by letter 4 times, yes 4 times in a roll and he still fails it. Oh yea and another funny thing is my title is MRS in their registration so according to them I'm a married housewife. (Do I sound like a girl or anything?) Anyways ignore all this. in the end they told me there might be 3 physical lines at my place and they installed ADSL on the wrong physical line and I need to ask a private technician to come over to fix that - which cost 100 bucks ish.

Well, I do need my internet asap for jobs and such, so I trusted iiNET and contacted a private technician. He came over and we can't find the main switch board in my unit... and the house owner doesn't seem to be helping so we decided to access the mdf room which doesn't similar job, but that's a later story.

So the technician went into the mdf room and found out this, there's only 2 ports in my exchange and single line goes into my port 1 - which is the one that have ringtone. Ok simple maths here, there's 2 ports 1 line and that line have ringtone, get the picture? Yep a simple conclusion TELSTRA FAILED ME.


We Identified the problem and iiNET refused to give us the right vertical number for my ADSL port, but they do agree to ask Telstra technician to come tomorrow to fix it for me, but I might need to pay the 144 installation fee again...WHAT? and Private technician charged 110 bucks on me too....and now my bank have less than 0 dollar balance yes less than 0.

but the good thing is I'm back to internet!!! yay~~~~ *I guess it's not that happy after all this but still...

and on the other side my mobile data usage excessed due to this like I mention before, so Ima post about that too later~


  1. and wow After I read this my self, I sure use "SO" a lot~

  2. Not sure exactly how Australia's DSL structure is laid out but I know in the US (even more so in the state of California since it's mandate by law there) that someone can order a dry loop DSL service but will still have something called a QDT (Quite Dial Tone) that's used for 911 (emergency number) use only but you would still not hear a dial tone.

    From my experiences with DSL (I work in a tech support call center that supports VDSL and ADSL2.2+) that there's generally is a number based off of the address to represent the primary line but this is not always true.

    But that's my experiences. In your case sounds like someone at the CO (Central Office) didn't pay attention to the overall assignments given and the tech that went out to connect you up at the SAI (or the MDF room in your case) to the port for your service isn't coming through the correct line. Either that or someone just decided to troll you hard. I don't know, it's a toss up, kinda makes me wish I saw what there systems is setup as because I'd be curios to see how there systems and infrastructure is laid out.

    In anyway rate, good to see that you're back online again :)