Thursday 19 January 2012

Running low on money + 20dollar sketch commission

OTL financial problem occur,

hmmm anybody interested on 20 dollar simple sketch commission?

The quality of sketch will be similar to the test drawing I done below


simply donate 20 AUD - Australian dollar onto paypal (from the button on my blog) and message to with detail of the commission and email address you want the image to send to.

Due to the nature of this quick commission, I won't be reply lots of message and ask a lot about details, so please fill as much information as you can.

Commission content should be.

A character you want me to draw - Perfer Fanart due to easy access of reference, although original character is fine too, the pose you want him/her to do, the clothing you want him or her to wear, (perfer casual wear)

I don't do

*multiple character on a same image

for this quick Commission XD

Thank you very much, every cent will help my current situation XD

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