Wednesday 2 July 2014

Summaries of everything happened this year

Since I haven't post anything on this blog for a long time, I will just summaries what happen to me lately in life Taking constant contracted work from Whomor Got Learner license for driving Bought my self surface pro Found out surface pro isn't suitable for professional drawing, refunded it and bought a 2nd hand Cintiq companion Cintiq companion's power plug broken on the first day, send for repair, gets a new copy for free Bought my self a ATH-M50RD and Aune T1 blah blah and here's a recent sketch for fun~

 For Anyone who still follow this blog, Thank you for your support, hopefully the new games will release soon so I can at least show you guys what I been doing lately~ Yay End

and yes I am still able to draw guys, here's the proof

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