Wednesday 11 September 2013

Computer upgrades

Added a 2nd hand i7 2600 a month ago and a cooler master 212 EVO

And then over clocked the system to 4.1 GHZ. I know 2600 isn't really a good platform for overclocking but meh, getting extra juice out of it is always good, not to mention I never gonna use it for constant heavy load anyways.

Although 4th generation of intel's "I" series is out, but I doubt I actually need any upgrade higher than my current gear. Not to mention that I need to replace the motherboard too. (extra $100 wasted).

The system is pretty stable after 1 month of running and temperature rarely goes higher than 50(which is possibly the lowest temp for stock cooler) But the giant cooler is too big for the case, now I can't close it properly LOL.

Now I probably need to replace the power supply to a proper brand one, but meh...

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