Sunday 26 August 2012

Melbourne Trip! Manifest 2012

Week ago my wife and I happen to be attending Manifest at Melbourne with our Australian Artist Cirlce Alice Overture. It took 1 hour plane to get there, and the tickets were dirt cheap...well 100 dollar or less for both of us. The weather there is amazingly....well not as cold as expected xD. The event is taking place again at Melbourne showground (I hope I didn't get the name wrong) except they changed the building for Artist into another one in the coner.

Amazingly there wasn't much people compare to last last year,(I didn't go there last year due to lack of money TAT) probably because of the rain...but regardless we had a good time with all the Merchant and artist friends xD

photo of our table with my wife and our producer

We also managed to meet up with our Supplier who is Responsible for Seeking printing service and contacts. He's also responsible for any printing error we had with any of our Artbook xD

<== that's our supplier Y chan

For people who bought our product on the day, Thank you very much, you were the one who made this trip possible xD (we are kind of poor), but other than that nothing much happened.

on a sidenote managed to meet up with our old friend Centimeter - she's a very skilled American artist. And forced her to draw my wife then kidnap her for our last night in Melbourne~ (we throw her into our hotel and ....played cards)

Now...continue on my commission stuff or else I won't have enough time for personal artbook again xD

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