Wednesday 20 June 2012

Super Nova 2012 Sydney Report

Super Nova hit Sydney once again, with thousands of cos-players and millions of fun. As a members of Artist Circle called Alice Overture we opened our store at Artist vendor again, with a few new artbooks.

Super Nova is more crowded than Last year, it was slightly hard to breath air in the convention center. I happened to met lots of old faces as well as new faces, and lots of improvement on art quality compare to last year. There was lots of fun thing happening during the convention, lots of screaming, wrestling, Jedi master, robots, Hi - tech, and hardcore gaming etc etc.

After the convention, we happened to have dinner with producer of Xeph's group.(and robed 2 artbooks  off them MUHAHAHAH). The food was great just a bit expensive....well...I guess it worth it.

Btw, it's at Pancake in the rocks at Darling harbor.

More importantly we decided to join our forces together and make a mahou shojo themed Artbook, more information might be released later on but DO look forward to it please xD

As Personally, I just finished a Poster for Anime Expo in Los Angeles which take place from 29th of June to 2nd of July. So, if you are a fan of me in America (if there's any xD), please take a extra notice~

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