Thursday 9 June 2011


Grrr haven’t upload anything for a long time due to hips of Life Project Moving Watevers.
Anyways if you know me in person, I got a GF!!!(yep so unexpected from my side either) OAO
back to the topic, was trying to practice on drawing image with photo reference but as you see it failed badly due to I can't recreate the colour effect using the colouring style I currently have. so yea........
anyways Photo reference used is this
and yea she's my GF

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  1. Hey, I don't know if you're even active anymore but I wanted to share a few things:
    I just came from an internet "clue hunt", an old friend used to use this image as their profile picture, but they never found out who the original artist is, so I went on a search.

    That's how the image looks nowadays.
    I can see you are very dissatisfied with the result, but on my path I saw nothing but praise for this drawing.
    You did an absolutely amazing job, your drawing touched a lot of people.

    I hope your life is going well these days and I wish you lots of happiness!