Tuesday 24 August 2010

Manifest 2010

3 day convention in Manifest Melbourne 3 DAYS!!!
It was a fun experience to set up in a new city and meet new people.
Have to say Melbourne's buildings are pretty fancy, (you see Ps3, xbox 360, wii buildings everywhere)
Jumping around trams for free was pretty nice too (you will get bankrupt for doing this in Sydney)
Although the food down there was kind of disappointing = w =
anyway Convention wise
We meet lots of Melbourne friends and had handmade obentos from Iko (freak you zhen for eating up all the egg roll on sunday when I was away!!!)
some very Good artist from America (sorry what was your name again? - I have problem on remembering names longer than 4 letters)
some random famous people like little kuriboh(who dress up like a out dated naruto-tard and didn't buy anything from our table), AV(who comes over to our table and comments "this shit will sale! and by shit I mean goodies" btw he also didn't buy anything from our table)
some bootleg shop who sells fake pillows of famous Japanese artist, and says it was drawn by friend *insert happy face
But yea they are cool other than the fact I gain 0 dollar from them (damn)
Overall the 3 day convention was pretty tiring but it worth every single bit of the experience (not to mention the cash I gained, MuHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *ouch money shower hurts)
finally let's conclude with a random photo we taken in airport

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