Wednesday 14 April 2010

How to punch like a cat

Ok, if any of you ever wonder how to punch like a cute cat in your life(if you didn't, start wondering now!)
I'm nice enough to share this tutorial with you
before everything
here's a sample of when it gets mastered.
Now let's talk about how it's done, first you have to make a cat palm with your hand, this image below shows how it's done
alice thumb
First, expand your arm out to the direction in front of your eye(or where your enemy is).
then pull your forearm back, making an arc from vertical angle. Making sure your Palm's facing the floor.
now, PUNCH!
there's 2 ways for it
A.CAT KARATE punch, simply punch straight at your enemy with a single straight line, beware this kind of punch actually hurts, don't do it on closer ones.
B.CAT PALM SLAP, draw an arc with your forearm(without moving top half of your arm) to hit your enemy with your palm, as if you are throwing your palm out or a better way, just like how you slap normally except you do it with palm this time XD.
both way can be extremely cute when did correctly, but beware don't put too much force into the action or it will HURT.
Why am I writing this tutorial?
= v =

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